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Press Release -- Hunger Strike and Torture: Rumors Spread by Falun Gong
Falun Gong organization claimed recently that some 130 practitioners of Falun Gong were on "hunger strike" at the Masanjia Rehabilitation Center in Liaoning Province of China. A close investigation made on this allegation shows that the so-called hunger strike at the Masanjia Rehabilitation Center is, once again, a sheer fabrication. The accusation against Chinese Government of  "illegally extended captivity" is found totally groundless. Most of Falun Gong practitioners at the Masanjia Rehabilitation Center have been released upon or before the expiration of their terms. Only a tiny number of inmates' terms were extended in accordance with the relevant regulations, due to their bad behaviors such as deliberate sabotages.

At the same time, Falun Gong organization reported that a Falun Gong practitioner named Tan Yongjie accused the Chinese policemen of torture. The report claimed that Tan Yongjie suffered 13 third degree burns on June 2nd, 2001. He escaped from China to US by hiding in a crate on a cargo ship headed for California. He was not able to speak English, with no penny in pocket and did not receive any medical treatment until he reached a hospital in Huston on July 13th. The relevant department in China held an inquiry into the case and found that the person called Tan Yongjie is not in existence at all. Obviously, the Falun Gong organization told a lie. The story of Tan Yongjie is nothing but a mere farce with the Falun Gong organization as its director.

The general policy of the Chinese Government to the Falun Gong practitioners is to unite, educate and rehabilitate the majority of those who have been deceived into practicing Falun Gong. It does not discriminate against ordinary practitioners who were deceived by Falun Gong cult. The government has done everything possible in a patient way to help them to return to their normal life.

Actually, it is not the first time people heard the stories fabricated by Falun Gong. The Falun Gong organization has once produced a report, in which they claimed 103 cases of persecution. The relevant departments looked into the cases and found out that 33 cases (32%) were proved to be fabricated, 58 cases (56.3%) were distorted, 10 cases (9.7%) were inconsistent with the facts, and the "victims" in another 2 cases are not even in existence. The Falun Gong is masterful in manipulating the instincts of ordinary people. By fabricating the "terrifying" stories, the Falun Gong organization has always sought to cheat the public.        

Iron facts have proved that Falun Gong is an evil cult in nature: anti-humanity, anti-society and anti-science. Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong cult, fabricated a series of heresies to deify himself and preached about the "doomsday" in an attempt to exercise spiritual control on his followers. The cult has led to a death toll of over 1660. Most practitioners have now waken up and broken away from the cult.

Since last year, under the instruction of Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong organizations launched a number of campaigns in order to gain compassion and support from the international society. One of their means is to fabricate stories, hoping that people will receive their rumors as truth when their rumors are frequently repeated while harms caused by Falun Gong are little known to the people outside of China.
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