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Remarks by H. E. Ambassador Mr.Qiu Bohua At the Opening Ceremony of the New Academic Year of University of Goroka

(Goroka, 28 January 2013)


Dr. Galro Onagl, Vice Chancellor

Top Management of the University

Mr. Zhao Guanghua, Vice General Manager of Guangdong Foreign Construction Company(GDFC)

Mr. Lu Xiaoshe, General Manager of GDFC in PNG

Dear Teachers and Students

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning,

It is my great pleasure to be invited to this auspicious event of the start of new academic year. A good beginning is half done. On this occasion, I like to extend my best wishes to all young friends present here, have a good academic performance in the year of 2013.

In July of 2011, I came here to attend the Opening of Phase 1 and Groundbreaking Ceremony for Phases 2-4 Students Dormitories project of University of Goroka, funded by the concessional loan of Chinese Government. We take special pride in the completed student dormitory, which is labeled as the state-of-the-art hotel dormitory in PNG by local friends and media. For this project, I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about Guangdong Foreign Construction Company (GDFC). Guangdong Province is the pioneer of China’s reform and opening-up to the outside world. GDFC is a world-renowned international contractor which has undertaken different kinds of projects in many countries, enjoying excellent credibility and reputation in the world. Through the joints efforts by local people and GDFC, I believe this project will be completed smoothly in the near future and an outstanding example of ever expanding cooperations between China and PNG.

As we know, the University of Goroka is the third largest of the six universities in PNG, the largest teachers’ training institution in the country and the prime center for the study of education in the Highlands region. It is also one of the fastest growing learning institutions in PNG and the South Pacific. Therefore, we are very proud of providing assistance to this great and dynamic institution. Also, we believe that our funding assistance will contribute to the development of Goroka University as well as the higher education of PNG at large, and with its completion years later, it will further enhance Goroka University's capacity towards the goal of becoming Melanesia's leading University. And I firmly believe that in the future, all young friends present today will be proud to have studied in Goroka University.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Young Friends,

China and PNG relations goes back to several hundred years ago. Most of you present here have never been to China. So firstly, please allow me to give you some basic information about China. China lies in the eastern part of the Asian continent. Like PNG, China also faces the Pacific Ocean, but that is from the western seashore. Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, stretches along the western part of China, towering 8844.43 meters. China covers a territory of 9.6 million square km, which is the world’s third largest. China is the most populous state in the world, with 1.34 billion citizens, consisting of 56 ethnic groups. China is made up of 23 provinces, five autonomous regions, four municipalities directly under the central government, and two special administrative regions, namely Hong Kong and Macao. Beijing is the capital, and Shanghai is the biggest economic and commercial center in China.

China is the only existing ancient civilization in today's world, with a splendid civilization history dated 5000 years ago. China is also a very modern country. The People's Republic of China was founded 64 years ago in 1949. Since the introduction of reform and opening up policy in 1978, China has become the world's fastest growing major economy. Now China is the world's second largest economy, the world's largest exporter and second largest importer of goods. In 2012, China’s GDP increased 7.8% and reached 8.35 trillion USD. The world have witnessed the successful conclusion of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) last November. The Congress set out a national plan of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects by the year of 2020. Specifically, China’s GDP and per capita income will be doubled by that time compared with 2010. To achieve its development goals, China will continue to hold firm the policy of peace, development, cooperation and mutual benefit and strive to maintain world peace and promote common development. I believe that these policy guidelines will be fully embodied in China’s foreign relations, including our efforts to further advance China-PNG ties in the years to come.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Young Friends,

The Chinese Government always attaches great importance to the development of the friendly bilateral relations between China and PNG. Since the establishment of the diplomatic ties between our two countries, there have been frequent high-level meetings and exchange of visits, growing trade and economic ties, as well as fruitful cooperation in culture, education, health and other fields. PNG has become the largest trading partner and investment destination for China in South Pacific. Bilateral trade amounted to around 1.3 billion USD in 2012, almost 10 times of that in 2001. The seed of friendship between our two countries has grown into a giant tree towering the sky.

Education is the foundation for all the developments of a country. During the past years, the Chinese Government has provided aid assistance specially to support the education development in PNG. Over 200 PNG students have been granted Scholarship, and several hundred PNG professionals went to China for various training courses. The Chinese government has supported the building of the Student and Teacher’s Dormitory of Vudal University, Computer Center of Lae Unitech, Sir John Guise Stadium, Wewak Sports Stadium and the Distant Education Network of Community Colleges. Just in the near future, the National Convention Center aided by the Chinese government will stand ready for you to watch performances and participate in international conference.

In addition to education assistance, China has provided aid to dozens of project for PNG, such as Lae Fishery Processing and Cold Storage Plant, Hagen Agriculture Technical Cooperation, the Integrated Government Information Network (IGIS). China has also dispatched 6 Aid Medical Teams to General Hospital in Port Moresby. They spare no efforts working quietly without any publicity to deliver medical services to the local people while leaving their family members behind in China. Their sacrifices and contributions have really touched me. Some of them attend the ceremony today. On this occasion, I would like to commend their hard work for saving people’s lives and curing the patients in the country.

China’s investment in PNG is also increasing very quickly. Ramu Nickel project is an outstanding example, which has commissioned formally last month. It is the first Nickel laterite mining project in PNG. It is also China’s largest investment project in the Pacific Islands. Over the next 20 years, Ramu Nickel will continue to empower PNG economy and the wellbeing of the local community. The project will generate more than 1 billion USD in the form of tax, royalties and equity distributions during its operation period. Around 1000 PNG nationals will be directly employed. In the future, China will invest in more potential projects of PNG. We hope that these projects will play their role in promoting PNG’s development and China-PNG relations.

Dear Young Friends,

A famous Chinese saying goes like this, "If the youth are wise, the country will be wise. If the youth are wealthy, the country will be wealthy. If the youth are strong, the country will be strong". In the near future, all of you will play an important role in the development of PNG. Maybe some of you will be the PNG prime minister, cabinet ministers, parliament members, ambassadors to other countries even the ambassador to China. Wish you to study hard and make your due contributions to cement the already close and strong friendship between our two countries and peoples. As the Chinese ambassador, I am confident that our two nations’ friendship and win-win cooperation will achieve more fruitful results in the future.

Thank you.

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