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1.To apply for the issuance and /or replacement of a Chinese Passport /Travel Permit, the applicant is required to personally come to the Consular Office of the Embassy to file an application / or to claim the ready document. The following documents are required to be supplied with the application form:
a. One completed "Passport / Travel Permit Application Form".
b. Two up-to-date passport photos.
c. Citizenship certificates, including previous or current passport.

2.Supplementary documents are also required relevant to new-born child:
a. Child's Birth Certificate in which both parents' names are shown.
b. Parents' Marriage Certificates & Passports.

3. For changing a Passport for Public Affairs to a private one:
a. One completed "Passport / Travel Permit Application Form".
b. Valid passport.
c. Work Permit/Residences permit.
d. Three up-to-date passport photos.
Please note that in this case the Embassy has to report back to the original passport-issuing authorities for approval, which may take a long time.
a. The Embassy, starting from 1st April, 2002, would no longer accept any application from Public Service passport (Public Service Passport is abbreviated as PSP for short in the following) holder for renewal and replacement.
b. In case of PSP holder's service contract excesses the passport validity or convincing need to apply for visa/residing certificate, PBP holder may ask the Embassy to change PSP to private passport, which may take longer to check the applicant's service identification with the original passport-issuing authorities.
c. In case of the applicant lost passport or passport being stained/damaged, the Embassy, at PSP
 holder's request, will issue private passport, after check for service identification with   the
 original passport-issuing authorities, to replace the lost or the damaged.
d. If the PSP holder, who remains staying in the country where his/her service contract was
Finished, has obtained legal residing document may apply for replacement of his/her PSP, which may take time to check with the original passport-issuing authorities.    
e. The Embassy, so far, would not accept any application from PSP holder, who has not obtained
 or can not get visa/legal staying document, for PSP replacement. However, single travel permit
 valid for one year can be granted to the applicant upon his/her request, allowing the applicant to
 travel back to China.  
4.Replacement of Lost Passport:
a. One completed "Report on the Loss of Passport".
b. Proof of reporting the loss to local police authorities.
c. Evidence of an announcement in local newspaper, declaring the lost passport null and void.
d. Photocopy of the original passport's data page, or other evidence to prove Chinese Nationality.
e. Evidences (Visa or Work Permit) to prove legal stay in Papua New Guinea.

5. Fees: See attached Table of Fees for Passports, Travel/ID Documents.

6. Additional Charges on Express Processing (only in case of need):
The processing of Passport/Travel Permit Applications shall take, with the exception of such cases  requiring for further verification, 4 working days. ( i.e. The new document shall be released, under normal circumstances, on the 4th working-day. ) Should the applicant wish to have the document released on the 2nd or 3rd working day, an additional Expedite Service fee of K60 shall be charged.

7. All fees must be paid in total amount in the form of cash.

8. Failure to meet the above requirements shall result in delay of the processing or decline of the application.

9. For information about HKSAR Passport/ID Documents, please check for specifications by writing to or calling the Consular & Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy.

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