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"Renewal": extension of the validity of a current valid passport. A valid passport may be renewed twice at most, with each extension conforms strictly to its originally defined term of validity.

"Annotation": endorsement of information on the "Observations Page" of a valid passport, such as the inclusion or exclusion of a child in or from the parent's passport as "Accompanying child", etc.
All applicants are required to personally come to the Consular Office of the Embassy to file the relevant applications and/or claim the processed documents.

2.Documents required from each applicant:
a. One completed "Passport Renewal Application Form".
b. Valid passport and relevant documents.
c. Work Permit or any evidence showing legal stay in Papua New Guinea.

3.The following specific documents are required for the inclusion of a new-born child in a parent's valid passport:
a. Both parents' valid passports and marriage certificates.
b. The child's birth certificate with parents' names shown.
c. Three passport photos of the child.

4.Note: An expired passport may be replaced instead of being renewed.

5.Fees for regular service: 3-working-day processing with passports to be released on the 4th working day.

6.Additional charges on Express Processing (only in case of need):
K90 for release of passport within 24 hours or
K60 for release of passport on the 2nd and/or 3rd working day.

7.All fees must be paid in total amount in cash instead of money order and bank cheques

8.Failure to meet the above requirements may result in the delay of processing or decline of the application.

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