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1.Documents prepared in Papua New Guinea for any use in the People's Republic of China must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea as the last step in the established legalization process. In other words, do not submit your document(s) to the Chinese Embassy for authentication unless they are first notarized and duly authenticated by the Papua New Guinea National Court and other District court or its representative office in the state/territory of your residence.

2.When submitting your document(s) for authentication, please also provide the following:
a. A completed "Application Form for Notarization or Authentication".
b. Valid passport or a copy of its data page.
c. Supporting papers relevant to the nature of your document(s).
d. Property/Estate Ownership Certificate (original or copy).
e. Copies of Corporate Registration/License.
f. Kinship Certificate.

3.Chinese citizens may bring along their Chinese passports and relevant supporting evidence to personally come to the Embassy and have their document(s) directly notarized.

4. Fees on authentication of documents in regular-service are determined (4th-working-day release) by per piece in the following categories:
For Chinese citizen: Civil  K25;  Commercial  K50
For Foreign applicant: Civil  K75;  Commercia  K150

5. Additional charges on Express Service (only in case of need):
Same Day Release   K90
2nd or 3rd-Working-Day Release K60

6. Payment of fees in the form of cash:
A pre-paid, self-addressed return envelop if you apply by mail. Note: (This office shall not be responsible for any possible mishandling by the carrier).

7. Failure to meet the above requirements may result in delay of the processing or the return of the applications.


1.Marital Status Certificate:
Single Status Certificate issued by local Department of Social Welfare & Development should also contain information on the termination of previous marriages. If such information is not available, therefor enclose as is relevant:
a. Death Certificate of past spouse, or
b. Divorce Certificate, or a court Decree Nisi of Dissolution of a marriage and its ruling that the Decree nisi has become absolute; and a Certificate of Former Spouse's Citizenship.

2. If either party of a previous marriage is a Chinese citizen and the marriage was terminated by a court verdict outside China, please also enclose a written statement by a Chinese People's Court in acknowledgement of the legal power of the verdict. To obtain the written statement, a copy of the court verdict should be first duly certified and authenticated and then forwarded to the Chinese People's Court with a request for action.

3.The Marital Status Certificate should be duly authenticated by the Department of Social Welfare & Development of Papua New Guinea or its representative office in the state of your residence before being submitted to the Chinese Embassy for legalization within 3 months time from its date of issue.

4.When authenticated by Chinese Embassy, the Marital Status Certificate shall have a validity of 6 months for use in China.
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