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(HKSAR: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China)

1.Requirements for Chinese Citizens to travel to Hong Kong Special Administration Region
a. Travelers holding Chinese passport
Visitors with connecting air-tickets may enjoy 7-day stay in Hong Kong free of entry permit.
Those who have been living in Papua New Guinea for at least three years can apply for Multiple-Entry Permit valid for two years with each stay of less than a month on the condition of convincing evidence supplied to prove that the applicant has valid travel documents to return to Papua New Guinea.
b. Those who are holding Travel Permit to visit or transit in Hong Kong should apply for Entry
   Permit with a stay less than a week.
c. Those who are holding travel documentation issued by Chinese Taiwan Provincial Authority
  should apply for Entry Permit to Hong Kong after abstaining Travel Permit.    
d. Those who are holding the Pass for Taiwan Residents Travelling between Taiwan and Chinese
  Mainland and also have been approved by the Chinese Embassy can stay for 7 days in Hong
  Kong for transit.  
The Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea is authorized to process Entry Permit to Hong Kong. Applicants can file direct application to the Consular Office of the Embassy for Entry Permit, which normally takes 4 working days to complete.

Requirements for Hong Kong Entry Permit:
a. Completed Visa/Entry Permit Form and Declaration Form (ID);
b. Recently-taken photo and return air-tickets;
c. Valid passport or other travel documents;
d. Return air-tickets or its photocopies.
HKSAR Entry Permit Application fee is K90. Normally, Entry Permit can be processed in 4 working days. Expedite treatment shall incur a surcharge of K90 (for the same day release), K60 (for 2nd or 3rd working-day release).
Application by mail or delivery agencies: A pre-paid, self-addressed return envelope/satchel must be enclosed. This office shall not be responsible for any possible mishandling by the carriers. All fees/charges must be paid in cash only while collecting Entry Permit.
2.A visa or entry permit is required to any foreign nationals who are going to work, study, establish or join in any business or reside in HKSAR.

3.Tourists with Papua New Guinea passports do not need visas or entry permits to travel to HKSAR with a stay of at most 3 months. Other nationals are advised to read the HKSAR Visa Requirements on Internet Web Site at http://www.info.gov.hk/immd/ or check with Hong Kong SAR Immigration Office by Tel.(852)2824-6111, Fax,(852)2877-7711 for relevant information.

4.Those who require visas or entry permits may directly apply by submitting the following to the Chinese Embassy:
a. Passports (valid for another 6 months and with blank visa pages);
b. One completed HKSAR Visa Application Form (ID 812) with one recent photo;
c. One completed and properly signed Declaration Form;
d. Copies of onward or return air-tickets;
Prepaid self-addressed return envelope if you apply by mail. The Embassy shall not be responsible for any possible mishandling by the carriers.

5.HKSAR Visa Application fee is K90. Under normal circumstances, visa could be processed in 4 working days. Expedite treatment shall incur a surcharge of K90 for the same day release, and K60 for 2nd or 3rd working-day release.

6.All relevant fees must be paid with application and in the form of cash only.
* * * * * *

(This form must be read and completed by all applicants)

Notice to the applicant

In view of the HKSAR Immigration Regulations, visitors to Hong Kong are prohibited to take any employment whether paid or unpaid; establish or join in any business; and receive education at any form of institutions.
Under the HKSAR immigration policy, any foreign national who wishes to come to Hong Kong to take up residence, employment, study or join in any business should apply for an appropriate visa before entry. Application for change of status after arrival as a visitor will not be considered except on very exceptional and justified basis.
Declaration (To be completed and signed by the applicant)

I have read and understand the above notice and I will abide by the concerning conditions and policy.
I have never applied for or been refused a visa to Hong Kong; been refused extension of stay in Hong Kong; or been refused entry to Hong Kong (otherwise, I attach details).
I have the following relatives in Hong Kong:
Name         Relationship(with the applicant)
_____________ ______________________________________________
_____________ ______________________________________________
_____________ ______________________________________________  

I intend to come to Hong Kong for the purpose of ____________________________ and stay for (duration) ________________ . During my stay in Hong Kong, I will/will not apply for extension of stay or change of status.
In respect of this application, I understand that I may be required to provide further information.
The above information is correct.

Signature of Applicant ______________________

Date _________________________

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