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General Information For Applying Tourist and Business Visa

1. In accordance with the relative regulations of the People's Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens and other relevant   regulations, the aliens who apply for the Chinese visa shall fulfill the following procedures and provide the pertinent documents.

a. Passport with validity for 6 more months and at least 1 blank visa page.

b. One completed Visa Application Form.

c. One recently-taken two-inch half-length & full-faced photo without cap.


2. Supplementary documents are also required relevant to the following:

a. Tourist Visa (L): Itinerary and accomodation details in China and/or invitation from friends in China.

b. Business Visa (M): Itinerary and invitation from trade partners in China.

c. Other relative documents required by the vise officer.

3. Fees (Regular processing, 3 working days):


Type of Visas                                                                       PNG Citizen or Non-PNG Citizen

                                                                                                   (US Citizen Excluded)

Single-entry                                                                                                 K90

Double-entry                                                                                                K135

6-month Multiple                                                                                           K180

12-month Multiple                                                                                         K270

US citizen for the above 4 types of visa                                                        K440


Other fees:

Urgent service (2-3 working days):                                                                K60

Extra service (1 working day):                                                                        K90

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